Back Off Bitch

jungle walking
street dancin
"they caught me in a coma and i dont thinnk i want to come to this world again
kinda like it in a coma"
"someone tell what the fuck id going ooooooooooooooooooooooon"


"its a miracle how long we can stay"
"2 IVs over here lets go.... come on we're about to lose this..."

crawling through the wreckage i advanced on a purple shadow. where are you, i whispered into the jungle, where are you.
no one's going to bother me anymore? is that what you said?
i told you, there's nothing to see. the crowd shifted to the next row of curdled blood.
vast expansions! i need more! more logs more timber! things are being built here and i cant see a damn thing!
what is this.
the ground went above my head, it kept rising and rising, i didn't move as i was surrounded by dirt towers erupting everywhere. Now we're getting somewhere! come on guy!
why the fuck would you want to live your life like it's a coma?



we went out and i did my first real tag. no matter how crappy. and tisty.