screaming, dear

¿Why the mutual change? Or is it just Me. You know I make you wanna scream when i run with my own thoughts. Are these feelings still pleasuring or maybe we´re both perishing; screaming into the nothingness we run into lately.
You know I make You wanna scream when I hide myself because I am less than perfect. ¿And again tonight we part so where will I go now? ¿Where do i go from here? ¿where do I go now?
Afterlife, alterlife choices, unlike cursed dreams of broken hearts and uncalled agression, we´ll be back soon at this screaming point; ¿so where do I go now? ¿I don´t belong here, so do I stay away accepting the change?
You know I make You wanna scream when I´m so out of place. Gotta move on pleasing my new sins. I´ll miss you, I miss you already, I´ll miss this place

"scream, scream, scream the way you would if I ravaged your mind" - a7x

but surely you´ll understand. I don´t belong here so give myself a chance to scream, scream, scream into this nothingness and run far away from here dear.

but we talked and sins are given to each other and comradery is back.

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sunburns on a sunny day hurts through the night. crap

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