Dark Knight

i can see you from the darkened room. the place i stand, not at all close enough.
Stalking you like a preying monster, but do you suspect a thing? maybe your own passions make you thirsty but the blots of color through the cracks hold me back. they tell me you're too foreign, that i could never make it past.
The light and dust come through those holes that keep me with you, they reflect my shadow upon the hardwood floor, alone and hunched it portrays me perfectly. Me that way others see it. but theres so much more, so much too see as i spy from my black sanctuary. drowning you with my stare, and irking your instinctive glances, it leads me to frantics every time your eyes look into mine. You'd be scarred for your blood as i would drain it. but never could I bring myself to harm you. the smell of your antics to sweet. my mind roams over to you, searching for possibilities, but stepping out into the rays will burn me radically, but one day, to the day I'll step, and you will see me, shimmering instantly.

picture by eclectic teen

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