so i have 2 1/2 hours to kill till i have to leave for the airport to go to TO. I have to take a shower and shave and pack my airplane carry on shit, stuff to keep me entertained, that will prob include my i-pod and book 6 of southern vampire because thats where i'm at.

Right now i'm listening to Marilyn Manson, i've never really listened to his songs before, i mean, i guess i have in passing, but i couldn't name a song. Now I'm actually listening, and WOW. Awsome music. He's a great artist. I want to go to one of his shows sometime, i think it would be so amazing and powerful.

Anyway, i don't like just getting 1 hour of sleep and then having to wake up, because waking up is the worst, no matter how long i've slept. So i'm up all night. But I'll probably fall asleep on the plane, i hate sleeping on planes. Crap, whatever, i don't actually think I'll be that tired.

I'm so excited to see everybody!!! But right now i'm alone and its late in the night; I'm too mellow to actually be jumping for joy right now, although, i asure you, OMG im so happy.
Never to mellow for a joint though, mellow is exactly where you want to be. Not angry or depressed ...(i just noticed the music stopped)... or sad or vengeful or anything negative because thats bad. Drugs are bad if for the wrong reasons, if only a desperate means of escape, then putting yourself in a highly (ahahah ai made a pun!) addictive situation is not good for you. If you son't care about what's good for you or not because nobody like you yada yada yada, then you better care! becasue your the only one! although im sure that's just in your own mind, bt realisticly you could find at least one other person to care. Come to me, We'll be friends and I'll care! Everybody needs and wants to be loved. I already talked about this...

Honey oats are yummy, i just finished a mug. My ear was bleeding alot today, which was weird becasue my other stretchy didnt. I have to go downstairs to get some ziplock bags and turn te lights off. So...

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