RIP Heath Ledger

I use a knife because guns are too quick. Otherwise, you can't savor all the emotions. You know who people are, in their last moments.

I'm a dog chasing cars. I don't have plans. I just do things. I'm not a schemer.

-I'm back from watching dark knight. I've never been much of a Batman fan, but I have always been a Joker fan. Not a big fan though until recently. There was all the buzz circulating this movie because Heath Ledger died before the production was over. The media says that he got so into his character; it drove him crazy. He had to take sleeping pills, and he overdosed.

She said, "that's sad, we never realise how hard these people work. But what does it teach you?"


"That you have to take care of yourself first."

-silent unrecognized war-

Regardless of all the commotion around this film, around this character in particular, The Joker was so phenomenal that i was speechless. So eerie and funny and horrifying , so imperfect in himself, freakishly seductive as his words trigger truths behind 'the plan'. Heath Ledger definitely found some crazy 'freak' inside of himself that he must have used, woven, shaped, but most likely, let loose. He WAS the Joker. Despite what happened to him, and the way the media portrays it, (only him, friends, family, and the cast involved could know any extent of how he worked on this more than film,) Heath Ledger deserves a huge standing ovation for this role, this combination of actor and character should be granted whatever they desired to gain from this film, be it truly happy fans, recognition, awards, an oscar, self fulfillment, fun. The make-up, costumes, script, tone, expression, movements, blinking darting eyes, tilts of the head, the darting tongue, sweaty ragged hair, flashing smiles, madened glares...everything... was just right to make this character the creepiest i have encountered. Eerie, mysterious, dark, and interestiong enough for me to have mixed and confused, dream/nightmares about the Joker for years to come.

It was not sad, it just happened.
It must have been sad for his friends and family, specially with everybody around talking about his death for so long. It must have been tight on the makers of the film because it wasn't finished, it must have been devastating for his avid fans.
But I am thinking of his family the most, and I hope they are proud of him for the life he lead, whatever that life might be, I hope he knew he was loved as I'm sure he was, and I hope his family has had the opportunity to grieve and is doing as well as they can.

I can't stop seeing that face when i close my eyes. If the joker were a real person, as this film made me believe for a few hours, he would be somebody i would want to meet. Imagine how interesting it would be. Trying to understand what he is thinking, why... if there is a why at all. This plays into my psychology interest, my psychopath interest, my supernatural interest, and my curiosity in the different. It just silences me so much becasue all I want to do is listen, listen to that voice and hear words.

Not all jokes are funny, but they are to someone, and that someone either has a plan, or doesn't.

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