torture me

come save me
You make my ground shake
You see me in new ways when I'm blind to myself,
only sometimes sure of myself
But I see you too
I want to know you too
I want to hold you while you become my own salvation
meant to be right now,
the mutilations, abominations, hallucinations and our creations.
combinations alter our visions as our numbers are misplaced,
and the normal pace is the last thought, everything's replaced.
Hand it over.
You see what i don't and I see differently.
Do you understand my words?
Herds of chords and jumbled reality?
leave loopholes behind
the truth won't hurt me, the truth will relieve me.
torture me.
come to me.
Fortunately it's all I know. I'm not special.

we all like to think we are, but nobody is. except maybe to a few individuals

wrote this in english today

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Benji (Rafe) Pacheco said...

It's not bad.
A lot of great things are written while thinking about something other than what we should be thinking about.

Also, like you, I wish I could just know the truth...