you're right, you do repulse me

the first thing you see is the bad

it blinds you

Align Centerit distracts you

it makes you angry

it makes you cry

it takes away

it deceives

it takes over

until I die
then there's nothing left


Rafé said...

but then maybe you see that nothing is left but in reality there is...perhaps, some form of good?

anyways..thanks for the comment and I'd say everything you said was pretty true to what I said.

And the question at the end is what I think the reason why we humans aren't excelling as we should.

We have the ability to create a Utopia but in billions of years when the sun is gone, would it really matter?

I guess people just don't have the hope that we can evolve past death...

...and maybe they're right.

In the end...is it worth the try?

Rafé said...

oh, and now that I've discovered...good job hiding those other words...it was pretty cool stumbling upon them and enjoying them...