living in the woods with you

i don't ever want to know what becomes of the broken hearted

so many dreams i've dreamt with you, but the sweetest dream will never do


Rafé said...

no one does and they never do

rudeawakenings said...

You're lucky.
You're so goddamned lucky
and yes, I'm almost jealous
You're so sure of yourself, of you two, of your love for eachother.
I wish I could have that.
Heartbreak is a terrible and too close a friend to me.

Rafé said...

you're saying that because they don't know what they're missing out on, it doesn't matter, right? I wish that were always true...
Better safe than sorry, no?

And maybe they're lacking opportunity because they don't know enough...

In the end, I don't think its their fault.

It is good, isn't it?