did she get tired or did she just get lazy

When I breath it gets sucked away because i have no lungs,
there's too many stones I'm just not a part of.
i open my eyes and I'm blinded by
all the light taking over my darkness
I hide in shadows but I really just
want to run free with wild hair
And when someone cares so much
my attempts are not enough to divour.
And when someone holds me with tenderness,
desperation, importance, like the world, i look
around and see prettier stones and

I'm just a rock


Rafé said...

a rock, eh?
it flows very well

Rafé said...


and what you said, it sounded very familiar. Also, you have church and state mentioned. Maybe we can fit 'state' in there and say it's who you do everything for

pihzaz said...

Dude i've neverr realized how much i really fucking lie this ., your writing is incredible. poetry . misss you call me soon, i dont know how to contact you

(sorry its dark in here)