im sitting down

so i saw the new indiana jones movie today.....i've never seen the other ones though, i prpbably should because o bet theyre better, not to say that this one was bad but just even more unrealistic than usual movies of this type. i mean common! aliens!>? (alien eye glare to jenny and mash----------- ssssssshhhhhhhhoooooooooooom! ur crazy know because of all that well kept secret knowledge we imprisoned ourselves in this gold city to keep!)
now....im on msn talking to vicky (well shes gone now) and pet. and my mind is sorta complicated right now but in a acceptant way.
its our own fault really
the bees can never swerve, clearly!
and the minds just drag on the ground
while the rags have been washed and found
and there in the laundry while brooding on how messed up
i saw a bee and realized how fucked up
i must be to write about bees, a certain bee, while clearly im not really generally this lightly bound

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