i was thinking about how we lost our soccer game and then...crap i lost the game!

i am weak!

why havn't i written any poetry lately!!!! its almost been weeks!! im blocking! a big huge block of frozen icecream because all im doing is gaining lately. not writting poems.

maybe tomorrow?

no. i dont feel like the remainder of this month, or august either actually, will be very full of poetry, or painting either. maybe one painting. more art pages though.

ive been feeling the pulling megnetic force of fiction though. yes. FICTION. ooooo what does that mean? will my novelist aspirations come ture?

not yet. becasue no ideas are coming to mind. my mind that has that big ice block in it, remember!?

and iw ant to talk with my friends. get back in the 'loop' becasue i feel like ive been so out lately just sitting around. tomorrow.

always tomorrow. arg. oh! but wait! alas! it is 2:37 am! so tomorrow is today! TOMORROW IS TODAY. thats a good sign.

im going to sleep now, so i dont miss tomorrow, which is actually today.

did you follow? i dont care.

i dont need people to follow, excpet for when i do.


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