reactor party

here we go again.
need to find my way into this word maze becasue outside im lost. tomorrow ill undergo a change. excitement and meaning. a change is what i need right now, my room didnt seem to be enough. i need changes every few months, sometimes more than other times. ive never regretted a change, just embraced, remembered, maybe altered, sometimes id be unresponsive becsaue i just didnt care, other times they make me think this time i think everything.

i wanna dance. disco party. dress up. be me.
generator, underground, coming down. wooh!

space cards, i see a dumbfounded star. "how did you get here?" "see that not really path that is zizagging all around the universe, sometiems it disapears? its short than tall? i made it. it leads from earth to here apparently :)"

electronic sounds with some bass and drums, lots of symbols, rattling toys too.

Currently listening :
Kingdom Of Fear
By Shitdisco
Release date: 2007-07-03

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