abide, appease, arrest, bide, block, brace, bunk, cable, column, continue, curb, defer, deferment, delay, detain, dwell, endure, fasten, halt, hold, linger, live, lodge, pause, permanence, persist, postpone, prop, remain, reprieve, reside, rest, restrain, rope, satisfy, secure, settle, sojourn, stand, stem, stop, stopover, strut, support, suspend, sustain, tarry, truss, visit, wait


advance, budge, circulate, conduce, contribute, depart, diminish, elapse, extend, frequent, hark, move, operate, pass, proceed, reach, repair, resort, stir, tend, walk, wane, wend

i thionk i know my ultimste answer, now anyweay but that could change in 2 days but i dont think so. but what to chose right now.

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pihzaz said...

Im reading your words as you write them down!