Your enemy

Yo just woke up saying "What do you want to do?"
Hahahaha you're making me laugh my ass off.
I hope you remember this tomorrow.
I love you buddy thanks for making me feel so good today.
It's late and you keep randomly waking up and asking me the weirdest shit.
You just went downstairs and shut my tv off. FUCK YOU
Oh well i love you buddy
Sooooo glad your back and sorry to hack your blogger

PS: your the music to my eyes

I would have made this better but i can barely see the letters on the keyboard i wish i can be awesome like you..Love you man forever. Even though you already have a best friend. I hope im pretty darn close. i might like you more than you like me.


rudeawakenings said...

haha i was on the phone when u wrote that!!!
lol unless jess is reading this, then i was on the phone with petra when she wrote it. she was explaining everythiung u were doing it was pretty cool

pihzaz said...

Hahaha i know we share special times

twistingby said...

wtf lol