need a plug

ordeals reveal alot about a person. it doesn't matter though, because whether you've learned new shocking dissapointing exciting or amazing things, they are still the same. people are always changing, so see the present, accept the past and wait for the future. yesterday i was lost, tomorow i could be anything, but right now im calm.
because i know i am me, and i know that me is good.

unbottoned coats are always the prettiest right?
and closed boxes are always a surprise.

uncharged battery, its dying. need a plug


rudeawakenings said...

i really like this
you're taking this really well
[or atleast you seem to be on the outside] i've been through this on a smaller scale and its never easy
but i love you!
i hope you can still realize your dream of becoming a pirate, dont let the past stop you from acheiving your ideal future! lol love you

Rafé said...

very interesting...
people are people
I am me
And uncharged batteries are left in the coats of boxed-away button-ups